Shipment Tracking

Shipment Tracking in Action

1. Add Tracking

Add tracking data from any source including your ERP, middleware or a REST API. We can automatically update any Salesforce object every hour with the current shipment status.

2. Set up Triggers and Workflow

Every time there is an update to a shipment you can easily assign tasks, send emails or make API callouts. For instance, if a shipment is late you can create a task for a customer support rep to follow up or if a shipment is delivered you can send a branded email.

3. Enable Chatter

Shipment updates can easily be sent as Chatter messages so that everyone who needs visibility to the shipment can receive updates when they occur.

Why use Zenkraft for your Shipment Tracking?

Get the latest tracking updates of any shipment in real time

What is in it for you?

  • Our tracking service automatically updates itself every hour.
  • Update your customers with tracking alerts. You can easily send customized tracking emails or assign tasks.
  • Save time. Shipmate users can get the latest tracking updates of any shipment within Salesforce. No need to copy and paste long tracking numbers ever again.
  • Follow your shipments with Chatter and get real-time tracking updates.

How we do it

  • Shipmate is bulit 100% natively on Salesforce. This means that you can view hourly status updates and write workflow to create tasks, all in the same platform.
  • Our apps can automatically add customers emails to receive shipping alerts on the shipping tracking status.
  • We make you avoid possible errors with double entry and cut down on shipment tracking time and costs.

What do they say?

Our service is solidly backed by over 700 enterprises running their supply chains on Zenkraft everyday.

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