Work Order & Field Service Management

Work Order & Field Service Management

Work orders and Field Service Management (FSM) are generally managed under cloud-based systems. This enable businesses to control widespreed resorces: managing worker activity, locating vehicles and inventory and, most important, the schedule and dispatch of spare parts.

Work Order & Field Management in Action

1. Issue in the Field

When there is an issue in the field a Work Order requesting repair might be generated. Depending on the nature of the problem, the field service may require dispatching spare-parts from your warehouse.

2. Dispatch spare part

Shipmate 100% integration with Salesforce means that you can easily create, schedule and track shipments all from the same platform. A shipment can be associated with the Work Order and, as soon as a shipment is delivered, the field agent can be alerted.

3. Track Shipment & Work

Setup Shipmate to send you hourly updates directly to your inbox. You could also improve your customer service significantly if you add your customer’s email to the automated updates list. Find out the latest information related to the work order status thanks to Chatter’s real-time communication.

Why use Zenkraft for your Work Order & Field Management?

What is in it for you?

  • Complete more Work Orders in less time.
  • Obtain complete visibility of your shipments with automated uptades. Never lose track of your spare parts again.
  • Improve your customer service! Setup your tracking preferences and send automated emails to your customers to keep them updated on their case.
  • Associate shipments with Work Orders.

How we do it

  • You can easily schedule and dispatch spare parts, and create work orders.
  • Shipmate allows you to create shipments with few clicks and generate labels straight away.
  • Automate updates directly to your inbox. Real-time comments on the status of your shipments thanks to Chatter & Shipmate.
  • You can setup Shipmate to send automated email updates to your customers. Improve your customer service!

What do they say?

Our service is solidly backed by over 700 enterprises running their supply chains on Zenkraft everyday.

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