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3 Can't Miss Lightning Order Management Sessions

Published on 18 November 2019 in salesforce 

The Zenkraft team is excited about Lightning order management, and you should be too!


Attend these sessions to understand why!

Delivering Operational Excellence with Salesforce Order Management (1)

What is it? -  The first in a two part session focused on order management. See a LOM demo that will help you envision how the product can be applied to your business. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - If you are interested in implementing LOM in your company, this is the best way to start! 

Shipping Salesforce Order Management: Product Strategy and Roadmap

What is it? - Discover how you can deliver excellent "after-the-buy" experiences with Lightning Order Management.

Why is it a can't-miss? - Consumer expectations continue to increase. They expect an excellent experience from product discovery to product delivery. Improving your "after-the-buy" experiences can help set your brand apart from those who aren't putting enough emphasis on post-purchase. 

Saleforce Order Management: Integrated Order Management Now Here!

What is it? - This session will also include a demo of the product, but Luke will talk in detail about aligning your order management system with Salesforce. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - You will leave this tour of LOM having learned how to aligned your current order management process with Salesforce's new solution.


We hope you will attend as many of these LOM sessions as possible . See you at Dreamforce!