Salesforce Work Orders with FedEx, UPS and USPS Shipping Apps

Published on 2016-03-30 by Adrian Miotto

Salesforce has released a new feature called Work Orders. According to Salesforce, work orders let you efficiently track repairs, standard maintenance, and other types of service.

This sounds like a great use case for Shipping! Here is a tutorial on how to generate FedEx shipping labels for Work Orders. These can either be outbound (replacements) or return (repair) shipments and the same process works for UPS and USPS work order integration too!

1) Enable Work Orders

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2) Create a Look-up field


Create a lookup field from the FedEx shipment to lookup a Work Order object:

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3) Create Formula Fields


We need to pull the fields required for shipping onto the work order object. Fields that are required include the recipient contact information and address, service, packaging type, weight and dimension data. Our one-click shipping guides for FedEx and USPS will explain which values to set for the formula fields. For example, you could create a text formula field with a default value of “FEDEX_GROUND” but removed from the page layout.

You can also use formula fields to pull contact information from the WorkOrder’s associated Account.


4) Create the Custom Address Source


Once you’ve created your formula field, you can now map them into the wizard using the Our Custom Address Source feature. We have tutorials for FedEx, UPS and USPS custom address setups.

Here is an example mapping for a Work Order object:

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Click Save.

5) Create Shipments


View any Work Order, scroll down to the FedEx Shipments related list and Click New FedEx Shipment. You will be directed straight to the shipment detail page with the tracking number and label.


6) Enable Scheduled Tracking


Schedule tracking means the latest shipment tracking data updates every hour in Salesforce. Here are the guides for each carrier to get setup: FedEx scheduled tracking, UPS scheduled tracking and USPS scheduled tracking.


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