UberRUSH inside Salesforce?

Published on 29 June 2016 in salesforce lightning 

Our new Multi-Carrier app that will be available on the AppExchange at the end of the month, will allow you to book and track all your shipments with more than 50 carriers. This is quite impressive by itself, but wait to hear the best part. Among those carriers, you will find the on-demand service of UberRUSH.

This Uber service is present only in the US market at the moment, in cities such as San Francisco, Chicago and New York. However as the ‘same-day’ and ‘on-demand’ delivery trends continue to grow, it seems logical to predict that it won’t be long before UberRUSH expands to other cities in the US, Europe and Asia.

With our new 100% Salesforce native Multi-Carrier app you will be able to bring UberRUSH inside your CRM platform. Book, track and schedule Uber pick ups, all within Salesforce. Our app integrates with any standard or custom object and you can easily trigger workflows when shipments are picked up in transit and delivered.