Using Process Builder to send a custom email after shipment creation

Published on 04 July 2017 in

Using Process Builder to send a custom email after shipment creation


Here is a quick guide to show you how you can send an email to the recipient’s email address to let them know they shipment has been created and is being sent today, by using the integrated SalesForce Process Builder.

First you need to set up a new Process Builder task. Go into Setup > Process Builder and click on the New button in the top right hand side of the page, and fill in the details and click Save.


Click on “Add Object” and then search for “UPS Shipment object”, then Click “Save”

Next is adding the criteria requirement. We only want to run this task if there is an email address in the recipient field on the shipment object. So let’s set that up by first filling in the “Criteria Name”, and then clicking on the field and selecting recipient email.

We want to make sure that the email address at least has an @ sign in it, so we create the criteria as follows:

Next we will setup a Scheduled Action, to run 0 days after Created Date. We do this because we need this process builder task to run AFTER the shipment has been created. This ensures nothing blocks the shipment creation process. By setting the scheduled action to run after 0 days after shipment creation essentially means this process only runs a few seconds after the shipment creation.

You can see how this section should now look.

Click Save and let’s create the Action associated with this schedule.

We are going to create a new email alert and then the new template, but if you already have one ready to go, then just add it to the Email Alert box.

We will show you the steps needed in case you haven’t got them ready yet.

Click on “Create one”.

This takes you to the new Email Alert screen. Make sure you give this email alert a description, select UPS Shipment from the dropdown. You will then be able to find the “Email Field: Recipient Email and move it into the selected Recipients box.

The last thing we are missing is the Email template. So to do this we need to open a new tab and go to Setup > Communication Templates > Email Templates. Click the “New template” button to start creating your template email.

To keep things simple for this tutorial we will just create a text based email.

Give your email template a name, and add a subject line and email body.

To merge any fields into the subject or body of the email, select the first dropdown on the page under the “Available Merge Fields” heading, and select “UPS Shipment Fields” and the field you want to merge. You will then be able to copy and paste the variable that starts with {! and ends with }.

Once you have set up this email template Save it and go back to your EMail Alert screen and add the newly created template as you can see here.

The final step is to add this email alert to your Process Builder task which you can see here:

Click save and make sure to Activate this Process Builder Task.

It’s always good to do a quick test to confirm its all working as expected.

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