USPS Web Tools Tracking Now Available

Published on 2016-03-29 by 1

Some of our customers had been noticing that our USPS tracking via Endicia and Express1 lagged behind the tracking available on Therefore we’ve just implemented the USPS Web Tools as an easy way to get much more up-to-date USPS tracking. Follow the steps below to get setup:

1) Install the latest version of our USPS Salesforce app from the AppExchange

2) Create a USPS Online Tools User ID at by clicking “Register Now”

3) Once you have your User ID, log back into Salesforce

4) Go to Setup > Develop > Custom Settings

5) Click USPS Shipmate General Settings

6) Click Manage and then New

7) Check the USPS Tracking checkbox and then enter your USPS Web tools User ID in USPS Web API userld


8) Click Save. Both Endicia and Express1 shipments will now be tracked using USPS Web Tools via the Track Shipment button and Scheduled Tracking

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