Dropshipping Process

1. Customer places order

When a customer makes a purchase via your online store, a trigger or workflow can automatically send a purchase order to the supplier/s associated with the order.

2. Supplier ships order

The supplier can pick and pack shipment via a community portal or force.com visual force page which generates the label and writes the tracking number back to the order object.

3. Supplier Operates Order/ Return

Once the product is shipped, custom branded email alerts and packing slips can be sent to the customer with updated shipping information.

Why use Zenkraft for your Dropshipping management?

What is in it for you?

  • Dropshipping allows you to offer many more products to your customers.
  • Reduce investment. Generally speaking, dropshipping agreements do not require any upfront investment, which means you could significantly reduce your investment in products.
  • Save time. When working under a dropshipping arrangement, you do not have to worry about storing, picking, packing and shipping the products you sell. All of these assignments are time consuming.
  • Single source of truth.
  • 360 degree view of your shipment data.

How we do it

  • With Zenkraft you can integrate and centralize your order and inventory management. This helps ensure that there are no disconnections betweeen your inbound orders and suppliers available inventory.
  • Accelerate your order fulfillment process. Automatically send order and fulfillment information to the supplier that physically will ship the product to the consumer.
  • Logistics spend is often 10-15% of total spend for manufacturing, retail and pharmaceutical companies. Zenkraft’s solution will enable 3-5x faster project delivery time that can lead to substantial cost savings.

What do they say?

Our service is solidly backed by over 700 enterprises running their supply chains on Zenkraft everyday.

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