Shipmate for Purolator

Create Labels with One click

Shipmate offers quick and easy Purolator shipping seamlessly tied to your Salesforce customer data, page layouts and workflow.

Real-time Shipment Tracking

With Salesforce Chatter, Shipmate users can get the latest tracking updates of any shipment in real time! No need to copy and paste long tracking numbers ever again.

Integrate with any object

With our Custom Address Source and One Click Shipping features you can map fields from any object into the shipping wizard.

Send Shipment Status Alerts

Your customers will be keen to know when their shipment will arrive. Shipmate can automatically add their email address to receive shipping alerts on the shipment tracking status.

Email RMA Labels

Shipmate for Purolator can be setup to automatically send RMA labels out to customers. There is no need to ever include an RMA label in the shipment again.

Management Insight With Shipping Reports

With all your shipping data managed on Salesforce CRM, you can audit, reconcile and report on shipping costs with ease.

Built 100% natively on Salesforce

Extend with Workflow

Shipment tracking is updated every hour which makes it easy to write workflow to create tasks, update fields and send emails. For instance, you could assign a task if a shipment is delayed or send a questionnaire when a shipment is delivered.

Extend With Triggers

Once a shipment is created you can update parent or associated objects with shipping cost or order fulfilment status information. You could also automatically email an RMA label to your customer.

Associate with Any Object

You can integrate our Shipment objects with any Salesforce standard or custom object. This means you can merge data into the shipping wizard including address information, package data and reference fields.

International Form Generation


Commercial & Proforma Invoices

Auto-generate PDF and electronically submitted commercial and proforma invoices with your signature and letterhead automatically merged into the documents.


NAFTA and Certificate of Origins

For shipments that qualify under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) you can easily generate a NAFTA Certificate of Origin to obtain preferential tariff treatment.


Integrates with Salesforce Partners

Our apps are 100% native which makes it simple to integrate with other AppExchange partners. Take a look at our integration tutorials for Ascent, Kenandy and Accounting Seed.