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Rootstock Shipping Integration

Zenkraft and Rootstock combined making order fulfillment and shipping easy. One-click ship from a Shipper object to auto-print carrier labels.

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Order Fulfillment

  1. 1

    Shipper object

    Go to any shipper object to view items to ship

  2. 2

    Click Create Zenkraft Shipment

    With Zenkraft's embedded integration, one-click to start the shipping process

  3. 3

    Shipping labels print

    Shipping labels automatically generate and shipping labels printed directly to your thermal printer.


Connect Printers, Scanners and Scales

Zenkraft connects directly to your printers, scanners and scales for automated shipping.

For example, you can automatically print out labels when an order is received.


Real-time Tracking

Tracking updates in real-time up to every hour directly from the carrier. This includes checkpoints and Proof of Delivery information.

Trigger processes off tracking

Assign tasks to Sales Reps when a sample is delivered. Alert a factory when a return is arriving. Alert a medical facility when a critical shipment is delayed. See the docs.

Branded Tracking Emails and Landing Pages

Send beautiful branded tracking emails to your customers. Provide a consistent brand experience and drive traffic back to your website, not the carrier's tracking page. More Info.

80+ Carriers Supported

Zenkraft support the global consolidators, local postal providers, regional providers as well as some freight services. We are adding 1 new carrier per week.

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