5 awesome shipping reports

Published on 18 September 2018 in salesforce usps fedex reports 

A lot of our customers purchase our app to automate processes. They don’t realize how powerful the reporting capabilities are.

Well, the secrets out! 

We hope you will take advantage of this additional benefit of shipping from Salesforce by creating these 5 shipping reports. 

1. Late Shipments shows all shipments that have missed SLA. Great for building process builder tasks to alert customers, but also for auditing bills with your carrier/LSPs.

2. Un-Used Return Labels shows all labels that have been generated for returns, however they have not entered the carrier’s system yet.

3. Shipment Cost can show the cost of shipping to a particular account, but also by time period.

4. Shipment growth over time View shipment growth week-by-week. This can help with planning and forecasting peak delivery times:

5. Shipments Issues identify shipments with issues quickly and alert customers and/or contact your carrier to ensure they’re fixed quickly: