Are you coming to Dreamforce ’16 with us?

Published on 01 September 2016 in ecommerce salesforce 


We are super excited to be attending Dreamforce again this year! In exactly five weeks time, the annual event will take place during what promises to be an incredible four days of networking, learning and fun. As a Bronze sponsor, we are looking forward to addressing any questions you may have regarding shipping inside Salesforce, as well as discussing specific strategies relevant to how you can improve your firm’s logistical process and efficiency.

Our team will be highlighting two new apps that have been in development recently. First is the new multi-carrier app, supporting over 30 Carriers and 100% native to Salesforce, launching soon. Support for Canadian shippers has been a heavily requested feature and so we’ve also been working on developing a new app for the Canadian courier, Purolator. Please visit our booth to receive tailored information on how you can take advantage of these new apps inside your CRM platform (booth # still to be confirm, follow @zenkraft on Twitter for the latest updates).

Dreamforce is a huge event, offering hundreds of sessions, opportunities and potential new solutions. With that in mind, we have compiled a quick list of what we believe are the most important tips based on our previous experiences that will help you to make the most of your time at Dreamforce.

• Connect socially: take advantage of social media by utilising hashtags such as #df16. Not only will this enable you to connect with the right people but it is a great way to get the latest updates on after-parties and other events taking place after the day’s proceedings have come to a close.

• There’s no need to bring a laptop: you’ll be walking around all day so it’s best to carry as little as possible, such as a tablet to take notes, which brings us onto our next point…

• Plan ahead: Moving from one session to another can take up to 15 minutes depending on the location and it’s a good idea to try to arrive early as there are often queues if you haven’t pre-registered. Don’t worry if you happen to miss an event, many of them are available to view on YouTube afterwards.

• Spend time at the Cloud Expo: this is the best place to explore new solutions to benefit your company and help you to succeed with Salesforce.

• Dress comfortably: business-casual but most importantly comfortable trainers for all of the walking. October is a warmer month in San Francisco but the weather can be unpredictable so pack layers.

If you haven’t yet registered for Dreamforce, use our exclusive promo code to receive a $100 USD discount on registration fees: EC16ZENK. What’re you waiting for?

We can’t wait to see you there! If you’re feeling the same, you can book a call with our team or start a 7-days trial for free from the AppExchange.