100% Native Salesforce and Custom Carrier Integration

Book and Track Custom Carrier shipments in Salesforce.
Email return shipping labels from Cases, Fulfill Orders with scale and thermal printer integration.

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Ship and Track Custom Carrier shipments in Salesforce

Process Builder

Want to trigger labels and tracking updates off object changes? Generate shipments, email labels, calculate rates and track Salesforce shipments.

Shipping Wizard

The ultimate flexibility where you can default every value. Create domestic and international shipments in under 5 seconds!

In Bulk from A List View

Add a button to any object's list view to book Custom Carrier shipments. Read the Ship from List View Setup Guide.

Pick and Pack

Pack your Order and Order Lines into containers. Direct thermal printer, scale and barcode scanner integration. Ship and track partial orders.

Apex Global Classes

Write Apex code to book shipments, track shipments and calculate shipping rates. Book up to 1000 shipments in one batch.

From Any Object

Zenkraft integrates with all Salesforce Clouds and integrates with any object. Popular objects include Cases and Orders

Services Supported

Custom Carrier supports shipping, tracking, pickups. 15 of the 6 service types supported are listed below. Contact Us for a full list.


Packaging Supported

About Salesforce

Salesforce Service, Sales and Community Cloud provide the ability for businesses to get a 360 degree of their customer.

About Custom Carrier

Create a Custom Carrier for use with Multi Carrier. Setup your own packaging, and service types.

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