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International Documents

Generate documents, such as commercial invoice for your international shipments.

Commercial Invoice Templates

Many carriers require a Commercial Invoice template to be set up for international shipments.

To set up a CI template go to the Multi-Carrier App and click on Shipping Forms.

In Shipping Forms click on New Commercial Invoice.

In the pop-up window start filling in the fields. We generally recommend filling in the Description, Reason for Export Once ready click Save.

Commercial Invoice Dynamic Fields

There are many fields which can be set on a Commercial Invoice dynamically from the Custom Address Source.

Open the Custom Address Source used for international shipments and scroll down to Carrier Specific Fields.

Under Carrier Specific Fields you can find pre-set templates for FedEx and UPS Sold To related fields.

There are other Commercial Invoice related fields for UPS and FedEx which can be added separately.

UPS Sold To Fields

Once the UPS: Commercial Invoice SoldTo Fields template is selected a list of fields will appear where you can map the relevant information.

DHL Express

Some of the more commonly used CI related fields are:

  • DHL Express: Terms Of Payment
  • DHL Express: Terms of Trade
  • DHL Express: Duties & Taxes Paid
  • DHL Express: Paperless Trade
  • DHL Express: Remarks
  • DHL Express: Sender/Tax ID
  • DHL Express: Recipient/Tax ID

Carrier Specific Information

Some carriers require additional information to be added or set up on the Commercial Invoice.

FedEx Signature and Letterhead

Electronic Signature and Letterhead are required by FedEx. You need the set this up on the Preference. Go to Shipping Preferences and select your FedEx preference.

Click on the arrow and select FedEx Setup Signature and Letter Head.

Upload a new image by clicking on the + sign.

Once the images are uploaded match the right image to the right function.