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FedEx IPD on Multi Carrier

You are now able to create International Priority Distribution Shipments via the Multi Carrier app. FedEx IPD is included if you already have FedEx as a carrier.

Below you will find the steps needed to create a consolidation, add new shipments, and confirm the consolidation and print the labels.

Create FedEx IPD Preference

Go to Shipmate Preferences and click on New.

Select FedEx - IPD and fill in the details of your FedEx IPD Account.

Create a new Consolidation

Select the Consolidations object and click on the New button.

Make sure you enter the Importer of Record of Information and you set your Sender Tax ID and Tax ID Type.

We recommend adding a Pro Forma Invoice so that you can then get your Consolidated Commercial Invoice for printing.

Once the above fields have been filled in you can click on the Create Consolidation button.

You will then get a notification to say the consolidation has been created successfully.

Add Shipments to the consolidation

Next you need to start adding the shipments to this consolidation.

You can click on the Shipments [+] icon directly from the consolidation wizard here:

This opens a new wizard for you to add the shipment details.

Fill in the Packages section:

Choose any special services you need, and finally specify what is in each package that you are sending.

Click Ship Now to add this shipment to the consolidation.

You will then see that the shipment has been added to the Consolidation:

Keep adding more shipments this way until you have all your shipments ready.

You are able to add shipments via the normal wizard, and when choosing FedEx IPD as your carrier you can then choose the consolidation to add it to.

To automate this even more you can add shipments via the process builder create shipment method.

Confirm the Consolidation

Once all shipments have been added its time to Confirm the consolidation.

You will get a green bar to say consolidation confirmed and you can then click on the new button that has appeared to retrieve all the PDF files needed for this consolidated shipment.

Print the labels and Consolidation PDFs

Navigate back to your Consolidation object and you will see you have all the Consolidation documents, all the related shipments, and you have the ability to print all labels and documents.

Your shipments will track automatically if you have set up scheduled tracking.


Any questions please let us know.