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Multi-carrier One Click Shipments

Now you can create shipments with one click using our standard Shipmate for Multi-carrier App

1. Choose an Object to integrate with

In this tutorial we are going to integrate with the Order object:


2. Create the lookup field

a.) Go to the Multi-carrier Shipment custom object by navigating to Setup | Build | Create | Objects | Shipment

b.) Click New under Custom Fields & Relationships

c.) Select Lookup Relationship:


d.) Choose the Order object:


e.) Now you can can keep clicking Next until the custom field is created and then click Save.

3. Create a Service Type Field (on the Order object)

Now that we’ve created our lookup field, we can begin creating the fields that contain the data required for shipping. You can either create a text field or even a formula field if you want to be really smart.

1. Go into Setup > Customize > Orders > Fields


2. Click on the New button


3. Select the type of field you want to create. If you select Formula then you can either set a default for all Order objects or you can be clever and write code to generate different values.