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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Step 1: Read Overview

Checkout our use cases including Real Time Shipping Rates, Return Labels For Customers and shipment booking.

Step 2: Setup

The Zenkraft LINK Integration contains two cartridges. You can read more about their architecture here.
  1. Storefront cartridge - This cartridge contains all of the controllers, forms, templates, and scripts for integration with the Zenkraft API.
  2. Business manager cartridge - This cartridge contains the template and definition for the Business Manager extension that add a new area to view shipments created through Zenkraft.

Step 3: Configuration

Follow the configuration guide to assign cartridges, import metadata and configure jobs. To implement some of the advanced features you can write Custom Code.

Step 4: Shipping Rate Options (optional)

Integrate the cartridge with your checkout process to offer live rates for all offered carrier service types

Step 5: Self-service Returns Setup (optional)

Save your support agents time by allowing your clients to create their own self service return labels

Step 6: Order History Tracking Setup (optional)

Allow your clients to track their packages from within your Cloud Commerce site.

Step 7: Order Fulfillment from Business Manager (optional)

Want to create the outbound labels from within Cloud Commerce? Here is the guide to set it up.

Step 8: Testing

You can test the cartridge with sample shipping labels and tracking, without incurring costs from the carriers. Please Contact Us for test credentials.

Release Notes

Our latest version is 18.0.1. Full release notes.