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Salesforce CPQ Shipping Quotes

Add real-time parcel and freight costs directly to your quotes to get deals sent and signed faster.


Install Multi-Carrier

To install, begin by going to the Salesforce AppExchange and finding the Multi-carrier for Salesforce listing. You can find the app through Search or by clicking this link.

Click on the Get It Now button and select the desired destination (sandbox or production). Multi-carrier for Salesforce can be installed in both Sandbox (does not expire) and Production (7 day trial) instantly. Click Continue.


Preference Setup

If you want to test the shipping functionality then we recommend using our test FedEx preference (this is because FedEx offers the most friendly test environment). By using this test preference you won't be charged for any of your test shipments.

You can add this by going to Zenkraft Settings and turning on Demo Mode and then clicking the "Create FedEx Test Preference" button.

Otherwise please do go ahead and add your own preferences. Make sure Demo mode is off though, otherwise you might see some authentication errors.


Configure Rating

It's very simple to set up the Lightning CPQ Rating button on your object.

Simply edit the Page Layout, and drag the Custom Lightning Button onto your page.

The make sure you add the Salesforce ID of the Custom Address Source you have set up for getting the rates. To get the Salesforce ID of your Custom Address Source you can find this by looking at the URL as below:

If you haven't set up the Get Rates Custom Address Source yet, then follow this guide on how to do it.

To save the information from the rate chosen back onto your original object, don't forget to set this section in the Custom Address Source.

Once its all set up, test it and you should see this modal that shows you the rates.

If you have negotiated rates (only available with certain carriers), then these will also show up.


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