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New Zenkraft Customer? Try our  Multi-Carrier app  instead

Salesforce FedEx-only App

Get shipping in under 30 minutes

Step 1: Install App

Install from the AppExchange using the install guide. Once installed, assign some users.

Step 2: Setup FedEx Preference

Create a preference using your account. Test first with our FedEx dummy account.

Step 3: Which object are you shipping to?

You can ship to any standard or custom object. Here is our Complete Guide to Custom Address Source and you can see the carrier values here. We support most FedEx services including One Rate. If you want to bypass the wizard, you can setup one-click shipping.

Step 4: How do you want to ship?

Don't want to ship in Salesforce? Enable tracking and quoting based off tracking numbers in custom fields.

Step 5: Connect to your printer for label printing

Download our desktop app (mac or pc). We support these printers and both Notes and Attachments and salesforce files. You might also want to connect your scales.

Step 6: Automatically Track Shipments

Track shipments up to every hour going back 6 months. Send Chatter messages on shipment status, so all your users can stay updated.

Step 7: Automate everything!

We support process builder for creating shipments, emailing labels, calculating rates and tracking shipments. If you want to create 100s of shipments at once use our global apex methods.

Partner Integrations

We work nicely with Roostock, Kenandy, Ascent,FinancialForce and AccountingSeed. Contact us for more information


Printing and permissions.

Release Notes

Our latest version is 4.53.3. Full release notes.